Mobility As A Service (MaaS)

Door-to-door travel aid |

To enable Mobility as a Service, DAT.Mobility is developing smart building blocks, such as smart route planners, travel information, a carpooling app, and short-term traffic forecasts.

Multi-modal journey planner
DAT.Mobility has developed a journey planner that gives travellers a lot more information than the standard route planners. Our standout tool:

  • looks at multiple modes of travel: car, public transport, cycling, e-bikes (multi-modal);
  • allows travel modes to be combined (multi-modal travelling);
  • is based on current traffic information (real-time).

The planner’s functionality is essential to various MAAS (Mobility As A Service) projects that are currently being launched. The planner has already proved its worth in projects such as Filejeppen (avoiding tailbacks) and Maastricht bereikbaar (keeping Maastricht accessible). 

Cycle route planners
DAT.Mobility operates various online cycle route planners. More than 10,000 commuter journeys and recreational cycling trips are planned every single day. We are currently working with the Dutch Cyclists Union to develop a single coherent system that puts information quality first (accurate and comprehensive network of cycle routes). For more information, go to Fietseropuit (cycle route planner) en Routeplanner Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists Union’s route planner).

Carpooling has many benefits. It saves on fuel and CO2, reduces congestion, requires fewer parking spaces, cuts employees' commuting expenses by half, and makes the daily commute a bit more pleasant.There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? In actual practice there are a few bumps to overcome. How do you go about organising it? Who can share a car?  Do they actually want to? And does is it work? The Carpool Butler provides the answer to all these questions. Carpooling has never been so easy and such fun, for both employers and employees.

Carpool Butler at a glance
You will receive an online Carpool Butler specifically tailored to your situation. The tool shows your employees which of their colleagues, or perhaps employees of neighbouring businesses, live nearby. The map automatically matches participants. They receive an easy-to-use overview online and by e-mail of possible carpooling partners, including the potential cost savings. Just one click and the carpool is arranged. Easy, quick, and smart. And if you are no longer interested, you can simply unsubscribe. For more information, go to the Carpoolbutler website.