About us

DAT.Mobility is the number-one expert on ICT solutions and data analyses in the field of mobility. Whether it’s about mobility monitoring, managing or planning: DAT.Mobility delivers the solutions needed. Our clients include not only transport consultants, planners, policymakers, transport operators, road construction companies and distributors, but also marketeers, car park operators and event organisers. DAT.mobility is Smart Mobility. 

DAT.Mobility makes mobility choices more visible, simpler, and more effective, for today’s journey and tomorrow’s world. Drawing from our position as a leading knowledge institution in the field of mobility, we aim to add societal value by delivering well thought-out, user-friendly solutions.

Based on our knowledge of mobility, ICT and transport modelling, we know how to create the right information from a wide variety of data sources that will help people make the best possible mobility choices anywhere, anytime, anyhow. 

Based on our existing products, services, clients, and partners, we constantly review how we can perfect our portfolio to meet customer needs. To achieve this, we are increasingly incorporating data, models, requirements and trends into a single flexible information architecture that gives direct access to information about trip behaviour and provides solutions for all.