Road works notifications and events

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If road closures or obstacles blocking the road are annoying, unexpected and poorly planned roadworks are an even greater nuisance. Effective liaison between road operators can prevent that. DAT.Mobility delivers solutions that minimise unnecessary nuisance.

Urban Accessibility Management transport model
We have developed an Urban Accessibility Management transport model for the city of The Hague. This is a web-based tool that combines road works notifications with a transport model to provide direct information on traffic congestion. It’s an easy-to-use tool that allows planning staff to solve the complex jigsaw of roadworks, construction activities and events without letting life in your city grind to a halt.

See this video, specifically made for the city of The Hague (in Dutch) 


When DAT.Mobility first started, we developed a web application that allows road works and events to be scheduled as effectively as possible. The site is now being used across the Netherlands. Commissioned by the National Data Warehouse for Traffic Information (NDW), we are currently working on a new generation called Melvin, a reporting system for infrastructure interruptions in the Netherlands. Melvin has the potential to become the number-one uniform system for road works and events. Its overall purpose is to minimise traffic nuisance.