Decision making data

Customised work in GIS, IT, and data | 

DAT.Mobility focuses on professional IT expertise, GIS applications and data for mobility issues. We have all the necessary skills in house and work with short lines of communication. We can offer programming, but always based on the content and an understanding of the framework and associated processes. For example, we construct GIS applications with clear and practical added value that process data and generate information. Traceable, verifiable, and repeatable. In this way, we provide administrators with objective insights, enabling them to make better decisions about their city, town, or region. Where policy, technology, and applications need to converge – that’s where we are strongest.

Examples of decision-making data include:

  • Urban accessibility analyses;
  • Environmental maps and EU noise pollution;
  • Linking networks;
  • Socio-economic analyses;
  • Procurement flow analyses;
  • Accessibility of facilities and emergency  services;
  • Data enrichment for transport and environmental models;
  • Floating car data analyses.